Monday, November 15, 2004



Well it's Monday, need I say more? I hate Monday's. My house usually just gets totally trashed over the weekend with everybody that lives here at home and all their friends that seem to join them. I now have the joyful task of trying to put this place back together. That will probably take all week.

Are all feeling better here and I am pleased to say that they are all at school. The baby just had her breakfast and his currently singing in her swing. Yes, I said singing. She sings to herself and well everybody else too. Sometimes the dogs head for outside when she starts. She has a voice like her mothers , no doubt. We didn't have that typical "I don't want to get out of bed for school" Monday though. Everyone seemed pretty awake and stuff. Except me, that is.

So far
I have washed 2 loads of laundry , dried and put away 2 loads as well. I haven't felt good the last few days and the laundry piled up to where I may never see the end to it. I have put away all the dishes in the dishwasher and got the "weekend" dishes started washing. On Satruday I actually had to wash dishes twice, so yesterday I just said to hell with it. I keep washing, they keep eating so I'll deal with it tomorrow. We ran out of paper plates and stuff Saturday evening too. I meant to add them to my list when I sent the oldest out for stuff, but forgot. But I have them now because also this morning , I went to the bank and to the store. That was after taking the kids to school. I now think that I have done my part as far as any morning routine should go. I plan to take a little break before I start the rest of the dreaded house cleaning. And I have about a million phone calls to make.

My Animals
Though I have scaled down on the number of dogs we have (two inside and two outside), they are still driving me batshit. My males have been neutered. One female has been spayed. The other female has not yet because (a) finances (b) I am so attached to her that it's hard for me to LET her go into the hospital and (c) her cycle changed since she had pups and I cannot keep up with it unless I write it down and then well I just forget. Reasons that are all totally my fault. So now not only am I changing baby diapers, I am changing bitch britches too. She only has 2 pair of them. So I am having to wash them ever so often because if she goes pee pee before I can get them off of her, it soaks through the pad and onto the britches. Ya know what I want for Christmas??? I want this dog spayed. Forget the Johnny Damon jersey and even the computer stuff I have coveted. Just someone take my dog to the vet and have her fixed. In addition to her little bitchy britches she is longing for the male dogs. At least I don't have the worry of her getting pregnant again because they are fixed , but that doesn't stop her longing for them. And she is humping pillows and The Man's leg and various other assorted things. She's in her cage now but she howls like a demon after awhile in there. OH and she has gas too. She farted OUT LOUD just this morning. And looked at me like she didn't do it. After she jumped and looked at her own ass , that is. And to think, I chose HER out of all those lil puppies in that litter. Go figure.

Me being a little bitch
I am just not satisfied with anything. I want a new layout for this blog because (just like when I used this layout before) the darkness of it is bugging me. I cannot find shit that I want to really use either. And there is so much that needs to be done around here at this house that I really should be up and doing that instead of moaning around about my blog layout. And I found out just this morning that my niece (my oldest sisters daughter) and her husband are moving back here. Seems she has got a job teaching kindergarten at the elementary school here. She has twins (boy and girl) that are 2 and is expecting another baby in January. They've found a house that they are going to buy and they are supposed to be here sometime today. Mom is fixing a big dinner and wants us all to come. I don't feel like doing shit but I suppose I will just have to get over that. It's been awhile since I have seen my niece and we used to be very close. She moved nearly 5hrs away and got busy with her own life. It will be nice to see her though. If I can just get out of this funk.


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