Monday, November 01, 2004

Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

Funny how life changes, isn't it? It seems life had been getting darker and darker for awhile for me, but everything has picked up and made a complete turn around. I am very thankful. I was looking forward to getting out and doing some shopping today. I had no clue that I was going to come home being the proud owner of a gorgeous "chili pepper" red Dodge Durango! But The Man insisted and how could I resist. It was totally his idea and he had been working finances around in his head for a few weeks, in order for this to work. I truly love this man and his surprises, really. I may sleep in the garage tonight. Well that is if I can get him to bring the vehicle home. He took it out once to take the boys to practice. The girl had a tournament game after that , and he is out in it again. Mmmkay, now WHO did he buy this for, again??

Doctor Doctor

He had an appointment earlier this morning and all went well. And he actually scored big on getting free samples of all his meds. They asked us if we had ever been given any samples of his meds since he started coming and we had not. Only a trial package to get him started on a new one they started a few weeks ago. So they hooked us up. One of them though is for a free 30 day supply from the pharmacy. This is a card (looks like a credit card) and you turn it in at your pharmacy with your script and you get a month supply free. That rocks. Even with insurance we are paying dearly for these meds as there is not a generic for but one of them. Eeeek.

Making A Statement

My older sister is on IM with me right now. She just asked me that since I got this big Durango if that makes me a "soccer mom". *gives skunk eye* Ummm NO it doesn't not. It is very practical for people to own a SUV here. Snow, shit loads of it, in the winter, hills, twisted roads with kiss your ass curves, oh and yeah I like to drive and spin in wet mud too. My sister, she is just so cute.

Something you might want to know about me

Usually, the baby girl wakes up in the mornings , very happy. She usually sings and talks to her mobile while I am getting her breakfast ready. But this morning I was held up , unexpectedly, in the bathroom (without going into details, let me just say JC Penney's and some of you all will get it heh) and she got a bit upset. So upset that she had tears. And was snubbing.
When I finally got to her,she was crying, snubbing and laughing at the same time. She got so excited, when she saw me, that she straightened herself out, snubbed, squealed with glee, laughed and then FARTED all at once.
It was a loud one too.
Then she laughed and snubbed again heh

So, if you are ever sad and blue, come see me.

I can make you squeal.

Out both ends.

[Listening to: Redneck Woman - Gretchen Wilson - (03:40)]


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