Monday, October 11, 2004

I Am Extraordinary

But I am still sick too.

This flu-like stuff, gets a hold of you and will not let go.
I swear , I am fighting it with all I can. I even gave in and stayed in bed half the day , yesterday. That, apparently , was not good enough. I went back to bed, this morning, after the kids left. I just got up. Apparently, that is not good enough, either. I suppose I am just going to have to strive forward though. This house needs cleaned after the weekend escapades, and I cannot lie in bed and relax knowing what needs to be done.

Some Improtant Information For You
should you be a regular reader here and be concerned should I disappear for a few days. We are switching phone compaines. I was hoping it would go smoothly, but I think I might be without a line for one or two days now. One company disconnecting today, and the other supposed to come today, or tomorrow, at the latest. So, just incase I go a few days without posting. I am not dead. I just don't have a dailtone heh Oh and I should be back with DSL *woot*

The Man
He is a jealous person. And since I have spent so much time moaning and whining in bed, I think he is lonely , or something. He is going to do some real man work right now. He is doing something "extraordinary" to the windows and I am going to go stand there and ohhhhhhh and ahhhhhh over his manly Mr. Fix It abilities. Then maybe he won't be so pissy about the photo album I've been working on. Pictures of me, with my favorite "devil-music" star. *giggles* He and The Man, they share the same name too and that makes him even more pissy. He says "why do you smile so big in pictures with him"? Hmph I don't really know, other than he is a sexy devil music man? BAH

Later. Maybe. Depends on the telephone man.


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