Thursday, April 29, 2004

Sleeping Beauty

I have not had the best of days to day, yet its been good. I was finally able to get
some much needed alone time and some much needed rest. I am thankful for those
that saw fit to help me out today, without my having to even ask. That is a true blessing, indeed.


I had the Ob/Gyn appointment earlier this morning. Dr says it could be just anytime now.
I am ready/ we are all ready. Bag still packed by the door. Though I did think about taking
Aurora's advice, which was to grab that bag and runaway lol
But I know they would just come find me, so I shall stay. I don't feel like I am organized
enough here to be bringing a newborn wee one home though. So many things that still need done.
That laundry on the dining room table that needs to be put away is driving me insane. It is mostly blankets
and more baby stuff, but still. I just haven't felt like nor had time to do that as of late.
I know Amelia won't care if their is laundry on the table, when she comes home lol
but it is just the principle of the whole thing, you know?

I did get a nice big 4hr nap today too. That was true Heaven, right there. Other than
the phone ringing and waking me up, maybe three times or so, it was the best.
I remember the people that I spoke too, but I am not real sure about what all I said,
or even if my speech was slurred heh I was sleeping, soundly sleeping. The sleep
of a tired momma and very pregnant lady. I was in another world. A lovely world.

I've been really hungry today too. Just a big sleep fest and eat fest day for me lol
Once, when the phone rang and woke me up, I wandered into the kitchen and
scarfed down a small pack of chocolate covered doughnuts. I woke up with the
package still in my hand and lol remnants of the evidence on me face. If I had
willpower, I would have went for those beautiful grapes in the fridge. or the
strawberries. But that wasn't me thinking, that was Amelia. She wanted those
doughnuts, not me.


I have got a lot on my mind right now. Some things that I don't feel comfortable posting
about here. I have been a bit withdrawn and to myself today in relationship to these
particular things. I have to remember to just sit back and breathe. Take one day at a
time and be a bit less critical of others. Sometimes I expect way too much and others
while sometimes I just totally need to follow my instincts. If I could just distinguish
between the two and when to do what. People confuse me.

That's all.


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