Saturday, April 10, 2004

Saturdays should NOT be like this

I did not get enough sleep last night. We went out to dinner
and spent the evening shopping. Not a good time do any shopping ,
as it is Easter weekend, as for as crowds go.
But the sales were awesome. I feel like I didn't get too much
accomplished as I forgot alot of stuff. Which means I have to go back
out in a sec and get it. I also have 2 boys that need a haircut desperately.
The man is not feeling good today at all.
And we all know how it is when a *man* gets sick.

I want to crawl back in bed, but I cannot.
I promised my middle child I would be at his ballgame later.
Its baseball, a double header. So far, I have only saw
the end of one of his games. Got there right after he got
whacked in the mouth with the ball. Busted lip, but thank
the Goddess nothing worse. You know like, him being left without teeth.
Also, had he not turned his head, he would be sporting
a broke nose right about now.
He had to sit out half an inning, 'til it stopped bleeding.
He wasn't worried
about anything ,except telling me "he got the guy out anyway".
Tough guy. Glad I didn't see it happen.
I would have had him at the ER and broken all his baseball bats.

I would much rather stay here and clean up this house.
The kitchen, dining room, and this room are
in desperate need of cleaning. The rest of the
house is ok (well I doubt the older boys bathroom is,
but that is a place that I try to avoid entrance on a regular basis.)
As a matter of fact, I dread going anywhere lately.
Anti-social tendencies, maybe? I dunno,
but I just prefer being home to running about.
Maybe I am just nesting and not losing my marbles.
But even the kids have noticed.
The girl said she bet I would stay home 24/7 if I could.
And she is 10, so she knows. *rolls eyes*

I just feel really huge right now.
I don't like feeling really huge, right now,
or any other time for that matter.
I bought some really cute stuff yesterday to try to
bring myself out of this ugly funk phase I am in.
Bought 2 pair of the cutest shoes, really.
But this morning I stuck my pregnant foot in them and nearly cried.
I am just way too pregnant all over.
I am so dying to wear normal clothes.
You know, I wanna look down
and like see my shoes when I stand up.
Can't do that right now.

Now that is not to say that I am not enjoying being pregnant
and thankful every day that things have went so well this time around.
I love feeling her move, I cannot wait to see her,
hold her and just love all over her. But you can bet,
I am gonna hold her up just a bit, and look down
at my feet and rejoice, after she is born.

I guess I had better motivate myself towards the shower,
stores and then ballgame. I really wish I had the
energy I used to. Come to think of it,
I really wish I were in my late 20's again.
I am just too young to feel this damn old.


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