Monday, April 12, 2004

Happy Monday

Everyone was late for everything today.
I loathe daylight savings time.
And how retarded is it for us to have
our Spring Break , the very week it
starts? I felt so sorry for my poor sleepy
babies trying to get up for school this morning.
They were all late.

It is pouring the rain and it is cold today.
Made it twice as hard to get out of bed.
Currently, it is still raining, still cold and
my satellite is searching for its signal,
because of the pounding rain. Figures.
The mini princess is still asleep, I could
be watching something other than
The Wiggles, Dora The Explorer or
whatever, but no signal.

As a matter of fact, I could be doing
many other things, than sitting here.
For instance, I could be cleaning
something , doing laundry or something
domestic like that. I just have this aching
desire to sit here and listen to the peace and quiet.
I am glad Spring break is over and a thing of the past.

I think I will go kick back in Amelia's room (with some
Easter candy), and try to imagine what it is going
to be like once she gets here. I imagine she will
put and end to the peace and quiet deal. I also
imagine that that is when the mini princess will
cease to nap any longer. But still, those newborn
cries will be music to my ears. It is going to be
such fun having a new teeny tiny one around.
I just hope the mini princess accepts her into her
royal court. I will ponder that as well,
whilest eating some ears off a chocolate bunny.


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