Tuesday, January 04, 2005



I have moved!! Just had to have a change...not a big huge move or anything like that...just a new name for a refreshing change!

Come on over to my new place Her Attitude...


Friday, December 31, 2004



I think that we all might be recovering from this nasty flu-like stuff we've had. I am still not sure , as it happens to be that we all seem to feel better for awhile, then the sickness hits us again for a few minutes. If our doctor would ever get back IN TOWN we would go there for a visit and see if we need some prescription meds or just what.

The Man started feeling badly a few days ago. He has been the worst *whiner* of us all. I find it very irritating that the whole time I am feeling like shit on a stick, I still have to get up and down and tend to other sick people in the house. He gets sick and gets to lay , whine and moan. At the moment, I am having a hard time mustering up any sympathy for him.


Not much of that will be going on here tonight. I am fixing a nice dinner, which will all be done shortly. The older boys are going elsewhere to ring in the New Year (girlfriends). The rest of us will be here , feeling good then feeling bad again. Happy 2005.

I was going to put up a new layout here, but that's gonna have to wait. Every single time I sit down in front of this machine, I feel ill. It's like motion sickness or something. Bleh I truly think I am dying, slowly.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004



We are all sick here, with the stomach flu. Some of us recieved it a few days before Christmas eve, some on Christmas eve and then others , the days after. Myself...I am recovering, I think. I still feel rather wonky.

We did have a nice holiday, even with the sickness surrounding us. I am very glad it is over though and cannot wait until I feel like (physically) taking down all these decorations and getting things back to normal around here.

Some of my kids are asleep, some of them are enjoying their gifts and some of them are pouting. The pouting one is the middle teenager. Teenagers are just boatloads of fun. Especially when they get girlfriends.

That's about all for now. I feel the wave of sickness rolling around inside of me. Its like the devil, or something. BAH

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Guess What?

Guess What?

Just guess what I got in Wal*Mart today???
MY PERIOD... Merry effin' Christmas too me and to you too.

Not that it was bad enough fighting the traffic and the ass hats out there that simply have no clue how to drive. "OH why don't I just back right out of this area without EVEN LOOKING as you are coming by." Because if I actually LOOKED that would be CONSIDERATE and it's CHRISTMAS for GAH SAKE and we all know that CHRISTMAS is all about ME and not YOU other people that are out shopping too.
I just know that is what that little bitch in her wee little sports car was thinking as she was backing right out (while chatting it up on her cell phone) as I was coming up the lane. I was where I was supposed to be. I don't know where the fuck she thought she was. She's lucky though because she was almost consumed by my vehicle. It would have ate hers, probably should have. BAH HUMMBUG

I am finally, FINALLY finished with Christmas shopping. Now all I have to do is wait for it to be over. I am so excited for that to happen. Its just not felt real Christmas-y in my old Grinchy heart this season. My 2 kittens have nearly destroyed the tree that we have in this room. They aren't allowed in the other room where the other tree is. We don't go in there either though, so I am not sure what the point of that room really is. But anyway, I caught Smokey the cat running through the house, just last night, with a nutcracker (ornament) in his mouth. He was trying to take it hostage. I was able to rescue him and restore him to a higher place on the tree. That tree is naked of ornaments until halfway up, then it is loaded. It looks weird. If that cat isn't careful, he is going to find his ass, along with his whole SELF hanging on that tree permantly.

All I Want For Christmas Is

2 voodoo dolls. One of them of my mother, the other of my middle sister. They both make holiday's literally unbearable with their constant bitching and moaning. And then their depressing political opinions
that spew forth from their mouths, no matter what situation you find yourself in. I'd like to be able to stick them with a pin everytime their bitching starts. *squee* the thoughts of that make me want to go on living.

All That Glitters Is really not GOLD

The girl wanted some more "glitter lotions" for Christmas. I went to the store of stores that she lurves to find some of this stuff she likes. I got her tons of stuff (they were having a really good sale) and I found some sugar baby glitter lotion and sassy baby too. They smelled so good. Naturally, I had to get into them. I've had glitter lotion before but it was not nearly as glittery as this. I had glitter on my face, hands, jacket and purse. And I still had to go in and out several other places. Glittery. Hell, I was shine-y. I felt kinda dumb.


My mom has got it (and that is even without the voodoo doll heh). My friend K has had it. I woke up feeling wonky and the wonkiness progressed through out the day. I attributed that to the period, but it not only feels like period wonky, but the sickie wonkies too. I think I have a fever. I am coughing and sneezing a lot. And that's not good because that brings on the "gush" from the period and well the gush brings on the BITCH and you get where I am going with this, I am sure. Whisper a prayer for those close to me over the holidays. Thank you. Merry Christmas.